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Hello and welcome all to the brand new site for the Callous Beelzebub Cast!

As you may know, we have been disbanned from quite some time now and remnant of old memories linger within the old archives. As I continue to dig up the past, old thoughts - memories that shattered us before have been cascaded and burned within a pit of fire. As I continue to embark the "CBC" on a new journey, we continue down a path with a clean sleight. Many know the treachery amongst the old cast members, the dreaded horrible memories that shared amongst us all - continue to make me sincerely angry. Now, we are starting with a new tradition - with this new tradition, we won't fail. We will continuously begin to succeed.

Friday  - October 22 - 2010 / 5:08 PM. Pacific Standard Time.

Today I succeeded on getting a new guild-portal site up along with a new forum and servers. You may all know the dreadful server A.I. [Devilmu:] Of course, she is back and vengeful. The server AI, along with many other features, have been successfully installed in all of our servers. However, it has done some damage to my core processors, although. I do need a new ethernet card. I am only getting a small amount worth of my bandwidth, so next week I am currently looking into a Gigabyte ethernet card. Don't worry, our servers all other will be running in the meantime - but you might experience some server latency. Might, is the key word here.

Although I still need to update all of our servers, I will no longer be supporting heavy instances for my computer, it has been tearing down my processing speed on my processors. Other than that, the servers are instant - light and action ready.

In other news this site is still in beta stages, so I will continue to work on them as much as I can.

-News closed

- Zach

Sunday  - October 23 - 2010 / 11:57 PM. Pacific Standard Time.

Today is going well, the forums are looking good but the site still needs tough maintenance, however. It is all unraveling quite well. I know there isn't much to tell, more news will come when the day starts to embark into darkness. I will provide more news when the days goes.
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